Testing the Limits

- June 28, 2012

The technical staff of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) gives insight into interoperability and standards conformance for data communications, telecom, and storage technologies.


Magnetic reconnection: behind the scenes of NASA’s MMS launch

  • 05.20.2015

UNH teamed with NASA and other universities to build components of the Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) mission. Here is Emily Clemons’ eyewitness account of the launch as well as details on UNH’s component designs.Read More...


What is 802.11ac, anyway?

  • 09.09.2014

IEEE 802.11ac is increasing data rates for wireless devices.

PCIe and storage devices get connected

  • 01.17.2014

SATA Express and NVM Express now use PCI Express as a physical layer to connect to SSDs, which include new connectors. Read More...

How to achieve DLNA certification

  • 07.22.2013

Need to perform interoperability and conformance testing for DLNA certification? Read on and see what you need to know about pre-testing to get started. Read More...


UNH releases EXS 1.3.0

  • 06.04.2013

The UNH EXS interface provides most of the features specified in the ES-API (a specification that defines extensions to the traditional socket API in order to provide asynchronous I/O and memory registration for remote direct memory access, RDMA), and provides a few additional features that give the programmer more flexibility.Read More...

G.Vector boosts VDSL2

  • 05.14.2013

Here's how the G.Vector standard can reduce the negative effects of crosstalk on DSL performance.Read More...

Simplify printing using DLNA

  • 04.29.2013

A closer look at how digital media printers work.

Creative solutions for testing MLDv2

  • 04.03.2013

Timothy Winters, Senior Manager of IP Technologies at the UNH-IOL, describes the consortium's preparations for the launch of MLDv2 Interoperability testing services and how the team developed creative solutions to overcome some testing challenges.Read More...

Deficit round robin scheduling with adaptive weight control

  • 02.19.2013

DRR scheduling is increasingly popular in modern switches in order to determine when to schedule packets when multiple input ports are trying to transmit out a single output port. Here’s news of a new algorithm to make it easier…Read More...

Test MIPI DSI protocol conformance

  • 01.09.2013

This post focuses on how to test to DSI standards, which are the protocol specifications for communication between a host processor and displays.Read More...

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