Measure of Things

- July 17, 2012

Science from the perspective of a technologist. Technology from the perspective of a scientist.

Author Ransom Stephens is a technologist, science writer, novelist, and Raiders fan. He's also the 2017 Jim Williams ACE Contributor of the Year.


A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific results, Part 2: Rules of Thumb

  • 02.18.2016

Rules of thumb for estimating the significance of research results. Read More...


A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific results, Part 1: Systematic Bias

  • 02.12.2016

How to determine the accuracy of scientific results reported by journalists.Read More...

Do grandmas make the best engineers?

  • 02.10.2016

Can big global problems be solved by grandmothers who are intent on solving small local problems?Read More...


Top ten cynical tech realizations of 2015

  • 12.31.2015

Did you really think I wouldn't write a "top ten" article? Well, at least the entries are properly numbered, from 9 to 0, of course.Read More...


Mismeasure of economics

  • 11.23.2015

Is it impossible in principle to create accurate economic models? Read More...

The high tech diversity problem’s bottom line

  • 09.25.2015

Diversifying the tech workforce means more than political appeasement; diversity sets the stage for innovation. Read More...


Measure career advancement by blowing your mind

  • 07.29.2015

If you can possibly finagle this opportunity, do it right now!Read More...

Measuring dark matter: The ultimate signal-to-noise problem

  • 06.08.2015

How physicists try to detect dark matter is a good example of how the humans roll.Read More...


Scientific dogmatism: wild red herring or trained attack dog?

  • 06.02.2015

Do science researchers have to submit to established scientific dogma? No, it doesn’t work that way.Read More...


Is dark matter about to be discovered?

  • 04.25.2015

Evidence for dark matter has been building for decades—it’s about time it showed up. Read More...


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