Dave's powertrips

- August 01, 2012

Greetings fellow engineers! Please join me on a trip as I ponder the past and contemplate the future of power in the “Dave’s Powertrip” blog series kicking off today. I’ll share my thoughts and invite you to do likewise. Power to the people!


Bring on the drones

  • 06.02.2014

Whether it is a quad-copter, drone, or aerial robot, these devices are quite an opportunity to manage energy. Read More...


Fast or quick, just be better than slow

  • 02.22.2014

As Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries have become the portable rechargeable energy source of choice, rapid recharging has become a good area for innovation. Read More...

Set-top box and saving energy

  • 02.03.2014

A few days before Christmas 2013, the U.S. Energy Department and group of energy efficiency advocate organizations released non-regulatory energy efficiency standards for pay-TV set-top boxes. The goal is to improve the energy efficiency by 10 to 45 percent by 2017. Read More...


Next step in PMBus evolution

  • 10.30.2013

While I know power management will continue to evolve, I couldn’t help but wonder what attributes will cause one power technology to dominate over others. Read More...

Traveling to MWSCAS 2013

  • 09.04.2013

Traveling at this time of year is not something I like to do, but MWSCAS was worth the trip.Read More...

Helping batteries last longer

  • 07.31.2013

How long should things last? I think it depends on what you are willing to tolerate.Read More...


The value of efficiency

  • 06.18.2013

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a few friends who work outside the technology industry. I am always interested in the perceptions of those outside our industry about what we do. In this case, we ended up talking about energy efficient appliances and why they cost more than the “less” efficient appliances. Read More...


Push start versus kick start

  • 05.20.2013

On May 9, 2013, the Obama Administration announced that it will launch competitions to create three new manufacturing innovation institutes. Read More...

Big numbers, big confusion

  • 05.07.2013

It seems that big numbers carry with them big confusion. Big numbers from the age of the universe to the national debt can lead to interesting conversations at the lunch table. The magnitude of such numbers draws our attention, and the engineer in us leads us to make some use of these numbers. Read More...


What does “access” really mean?

  • 04.30.2013

Cell phone access is more than the possibility of connectivity. It also includes having enough energy to perform the desired communication. Read More...


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