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- February 08, 2013

Out-of-this-World Design is a blog dedicated to space electronics.

Each month we discuss spacecraft payload and platform electronics and on-board signal processing techniques for telecommunication, navigation, Earth Observation and space-science satellites.


Using satellite technology to feed a growing world

  • 02.15.2018

Earth observation satellites are using sensors to monitor plants and oceans for food supply security and long-term sustainability. Read More...

BRAVE new ITAR/EAR-free space-grade FPGAs

  • 01.11.2018

Many satellite and spacecraft OEMs are looking for ITAR/EAR-free, rad-hard, ultra deep-submicron FPGAs. BRAVE, a new family of rad-hard FPGAs, addresses this market need. Read More...


Magnetising the next generation of high-throughput satellites

  • 11.02.2017

Satellite manufacturers are designing and making proprietary isolated DC-DCs and switching point-of-loads. Power transformers and inductors are fundamental to the design of these regulators respectively. Read More...


Make vs buy: voltage regulators for space

  • 09.27.2017

With so much emphasis on low cost, many spacecraft manufacturers are making their own voltage regulators using space-grade or COTS-based discrete components. Read More...


Clocking high-throughput satellites

  • 06.22.2017

Engineers are mesmerised by the latest FPGAs and ADC/DACs, however, these need to be powered and clocked properly to deliver their specified performance. Read More...

Introducing the first 16 nm semiconductor for space applications

  • 05.23.2017

Just like the commercial world, FinFET technology offers a lot of potential for the space industry. The RT-ZU19EG will deliver 10× the performance of the V5QV FPGA consuming similar power in the same package. Read More...


Using and selecting COTS components for space applications

  • 04.13.2017

COTS components require careful risk assessment and their operation and/or specification may have to be modified or de-rated to meet a mission's reliability needs. Read More...


Introducing RFSoC

  • 03.14.2017

Integrating GSPS ADCs and DACs with Xilinx's programmable MPSoC fabric reduces physical footprint and chip-to-chip latency and completely eliminates the external digital interfaces between the mixed-signal convertors and FPGA. Read More...


Selecting a space-grade isolated DC-DC

  • 01.25.2017

Selecting the most appropriate DC-DC for your project requires the consideration of many factors: first and foremost, what are the specific power, voltage, and current requirements? Read More...


How to select a space-grade switching regulator

  • 12.08.2016

Selecting the most appropriate switching regulator requires the consideration of many factors. Which part is right for your project? Read More...


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