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- September 26, 2013

Chris Grachanen covers the technologies and techniques used to make quality measurements. His focus is high frequency applications, calibration methodologies, and industry trends that reflect today's measurement challenges in research projects and the developing, debugging and maintaining of commercial products.


Cycles per second: A historical perspective

  • 11.18.2016

Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of electromagnetic waves, for which we associate his name with cycles-per-second.Read More...

US Department of Labor recognizes calibration occupation

  • 08.25.2016

Finally, those who work in the calibration will have their own official classification for what they do, which will benefit the profession. Read More...

Why have an internal cal lab?

  • 07.25.2016

Internal calibration labs can save money and you can get better service, but there is a significant up-front cost.Read More...

How to interpret proficiency test results

  • 04.21.2016

Calibration labs often perform proficiency testing to assure measurements are within expected ranges. But, you need to understand the test results. Read More...


Detecting gravitational waves: Why did it take so long?

  • 02.26.2016

The reason we needed 100 years to prove that Einstein was right is because we needed measurement technology with incredible precision.Read More...

The actual father of electricity

  • 01.14.2016

You may think that Volta or Ampere would be credited with being the father of electricity, but not so.Read More...


Calibrate power supplies and improve signal quality

  • 12.18.2015

Basic voltage and current measurements won't tell you everything you need to know about a power supply's output voltage and current.Read More...


IEEE Working Group to cover high-speed PCB measurements

  • 07.28.2015

IEEE Working Group P370 is investigating ways to standardize S-Parameter measurements for signal integrity using VNAs.Read More...

Compare measurement data with Youden plots

  • 06.26.2015

These useful plots let you see how the measurements from two or more labs compare to each other, making outliers easy to identify.Read More...

Calibration means different things in different professions

  • 05.21.2015

Because the term "calibration" isn't listed in official government job listings, educators and job councilors might not guide people into the field.Read More...


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