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- October 14, 2013

This blog gives voice to designers and experts around the world who work with or on printed circuit boards.  Topics include (but are not limited to) layout tools, IC and board connectivity, connectors, board to board connectivity, signal integrity, power, signal and ground routing, conformal coatings, passive device integration, materials, 3D modeling, and board and system concurrent design.


A lifetime designing PCBs: Improving autorouting & design software

  • 12.08.2017

Further PCB CAD adventures, punched-card autorouting, and a widget ruler. Read More...

A lifetime designing PCBs: Merging design and fabrication

  • 11.20.2017

Have you ever wanted to take a sharp (or blunt) object to your CAD system? Read More...


A lifetime designing PCBs: From design to software

  • 11.02.2017

One foot in PCB design, the other in CAD software development. Something’s gotta give. Read More...

So, where’s pin 1 on those common 0.156” connectors?

  • 10.17.2017

A whole range of commonly used 0.1” & 0.156” SIL connectors (e.g., Molex) have never defined which end is pin 1. Confusion ensues. Read More...


A lifetime designing PCBs: Switching to eCAD

  • 10.17.2017

Early PCB CAD systems prove to be an uphill battle, but things eventually work out. Read More...


A lifetime designing PCBs: Job shopper to service bureau

  • 10.03.2017

Our PCB hero starts his own service bureau, tastes success, but then, somehow, things go horribly wrong.Read More...


Conductive paint is not just a toy

  • 09.15.2017

Conductive ink’s fluidity—both literally and figuratively—adds an unconventional process to circuit building that may open up a host of possibilities in how to incorporate electrical circuit into system design. Read More...

A lifetime designing PCBs: Early design adventures

  • 09.07.2017

PCB design was all about creating proper interconnects between components so when the power was applied it would behave and perform as the engineer imagined. Read More...


Chinese PCB shop spam is a thing

  • 08.18.2017

I try to fool the PCB spammers, but they get the last laugh. And… Rev. 2 of my powered speaker. Read More...


Home reflow sees the light

  • 07.16.2017

There are many home reflow oven projects out there, but this one is blindingly good. Read More...


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