Impedance measurement rescues

- October 10, 2014

Whether the goal is to characterize, optimize, or troubleshoot a circuit, the fastest path from here to there is usually an impedance measurement. Impedance measurement rescues presents real-world case studies illustrating common issues, appropriate measurement methods, and the interpretation of the impedance data.


Accurately measure ceramic capacitors by extending VNA range

  • 06.27.2017

Using two methods outlined in this article, you can use a VNA to get measurements with a dynamic range of 164 dB. That's what's need to measure the ceramic capacitors needed in a PDN.Read More...


Fix poor capacitor, inductor, and DC/DC impedance measurements

  • 06.07.2016

Improved measurement technique extends the range and improves the accuracy over standard S-parameters.Read More...

Rogue waves can ruin your power

  • 06.11.2015

In this video, Steve Sandler explains why power distribution networks need flat impedance to avoid creating unwanted resonant signals.Read More...


Increase range in 2-port impedance measurements

  • 05.04.2015

Adding series resistors or replacing VNA cables can widen bandwidth for measuring low impedances.Read More...

The inductive nature of voltage-control loops

  • 02.05.2015

The inductance of a voltage regulator depends on its load current. The math proves it.Read More...


Impedance measurements stabilize op-amp buffers

  • 10.10.2014

In-circuit measurements on an op-amp's impedance reveal how to select compensating resistors and capacitors.Read More...


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