5G Standards Watch

- April 26, 2017

With the first phase of what will be the new 5G standard about to gel in Q4 of 2017, EDN’s Standards Watch blog will keep designers and engineers up to date on what’s being included, why, and how to go about accommodating for it in future designs.


Qualcomm, China Mobile, and ZTE show 5G data interoperability

  • 11.22.2017

A 5G interoperability test system developed by Qualcomm, ZTE, and China Mobile, combined with the pending development of the first 3GPP 5G-NR standard, are good indicators of the pending frenzy over 5G; it’s a good time to take a boot camp course on 5G. Read More...

5G hits reality as 3GPP postpones features

  • 10.17.2017

With an accelerated deadline for 5G standards, inevitably something was going to have to give. Several things have, including frequency ranges that different constituencies wanted in the standard that won't be included. Read More...

ZTE kickstarts NSA 5G NR tests: What is it and why should we care?

  • 08.02.2017

The road to 5G has bifurcated temporarily as 5G New Radio splits into SA 5G NR and NSA 5G NR to accelerate front-end radio development and test, before merging again in late 2018. Read More...


EDN’s 5G Standards watch begins

  • 04.26.2017

An introduction to the State of 5G, and what to look forward to in the standards arena.Read More...

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