LED Diva

- September 15, 2017

Join EDN's LED Diva Yoelit Hiebert as she explores, explains, and extols upon LED lighting system design, whether for the home, factory, or whole city.


Creative architectural LED lighting

  • 12.11.2017

Enjoy this fun holiday look at some striking LED lighting installations. Read More...

Are “beam array” headlights in automotive’s future?

  • 11.10.2017

Everyone complains about headlights, but now, someone’s doing something about it. Can smart beam arrays better illuminate the road while causing less glare for other drivers? Read More...


Designing LEDs for hazardous environments

  • 10.12.2017

Discussing LED lighting design for hazardous and electrically challenging environments.Read More...

LED lighting design considerations for smart cities

  • 09.18.2017

Whether for Smart Cities or not, don’t miss any details when designing LED lighting systems and associated sensor hubs. Read More...

LED lighting system reliability: Ensuring a robust design

  • 08.01.2017

Manufacturers and standards bodies are getting serious about LED lighting reliability. Get your feet wet here, and stay tuned as we continue to explore this topic further. Read More...

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