Morse Code in orbit

-October 11, 2012

OK…I promise this is my last post about interesting places where Morse Code is showing up (unless someone sends me a link to stories about others).

The Fukuoka Institute of Technology has assembled a CubeSAT and gotten it launched. It was tossed out the door of the ISS last week. Details can be found here.

It includes 3 RF transmitters:  

1.    1200 bps telemetry at 437.445, AX.25 protocol;
2.    Still-picture transmission (VGA-quality) 115.2kbps FSK,  5840.0 MHz, 4-watt transmitter
3.    Morse Code Beacon, 437.250 CW (“HI DE NIWAKA”)

But the coolest transmitter on board is an array of green LEDs, blinking the message “HELLO FROM NIWAKA JAPAN” in Morse Code with about 30 watts of average power (200-plus peak). You’ll need a telescope and pretty sensitive photomultiplier to detect it (probably not something you’ll be able to see with the naked eye).

And speaking of long-distance travel, I’ll be in Santa Clara, Calif, this coming weekend (Oct 12-14) for the ARRL National Convention. Drop by and say hello if you are in the area. I will be at the WRTC2014 booth.

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