The first computer virus was on an Avengers episode

-June 30, 2008

RF consultant James Long was enjoying his DVD collection of old Avengers episodes this weekend and was amazed to see a computer virus used in the plotline. The episode name is The Big Thinker. James writes:

Your EDN readers and probably computer magazine readers might be interested in the first (fictional) computer virus. In the 1962 Avengers episode "The Big Thinker" about 25 minutes into the program the head of the computer department claims that a program that was intended to do some mathematical calculations actually contained a command to erase the memory banks. It looks like daily backups were not done then. The project was set back several months.

Vanity Fair magazine has a nice history of the Internet and they credit the first virus to Robert Morris in 1988. I bet Robert loved Emma Peel as much as I did.

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