Left-brained vs. right-brained people: Where does engineering and art merge?

-November 24, 2012

Popular belief is that the left hemisphere of the brain is for rational, analytical and logical thinking and the right hemisphere of the brain processes visual and audio logical stimuli, spatial manipulation, facial perception and artistic ability.

Some schools of thought agree with this and others disagree and say it is a misconception. (See the OECD organization)

Nevertheless, when I was in undergraduate school in 1968 at NYU University Heights in the Bronx, I attended the NYU School of Engineering and Science that was on the same campus as the NYU School of the Arts.

Of course, in freshman year, we studied the arts courses with the “arts” students and partied together and I even dated “arts” students! I never really differentiated the “other side” as being all that different from us engineering “geeks” until later in life when I heard about the left vs. right-brained theory.

Yes, we had different ideas and opinions and different ways to go about things, but I know plenty of people that are artistic engineers. So does that mean they use both sides of the brain? Of course, we all use both parts of our brains, some people one side less or more than the other hemisphere, but I believe it may be rare that anyone is perfectly balanced between both sides of the brain.

Check out Northwestern McCormick School of  Engineering and Science whole-brain engineering.

So where does engineering and art merge? What are some good examples?

Please give us your experiences and comments.

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