Talking about Design Ideas

-December 21, 2016

At ESC Minneapolis in September, I gave an informal talk about EDN's Design Ideas column. After a bit of history, I presented a wide-ranging selection of DIs from over the years. Not a "greatest hits" collection, but a pseudo-random walk amongst interesting circuits to illustrate the breadth of innovation and imagination found in the Design Ideas pages. I broke up the designs into a few categories:

  • Digital/LED/IC
  • Audio
  • Miscellaneous
  • Test & Measurement
  • Power
  • Analog

Look closely and you'll find a couple of April Fools DIs too.

Here are the PDFs from my presentation. Each example DI has a link to the full article on EDN.

DIs from the collection previously unavailable online:

Now...don't forget to add your technological distinctiveness to our own – send in a DI!

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