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EDN Staff -January 04, 2016

This year at DesignCon 2016 there will be a few new faces on the EXPO floor.  Here is a preview of what some of DesignCon’s newest exhibitors will be showcasing at this year’s event. The DesignCon Expo will take place January 20-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. You can get your FREE Expo Pass here.

Hitachi Cable America

Booth #: 642
Hitachi Cable America supplies connectivity solutions – including, but not limited to, fiber optic transceivers, active optical cables, direct attach cables, and category cables, supporting up to 25+ gigabit per channel. At DesignCon, Hitachi will have a 10m+ reach demonstration of QSFP28 passive and active direct attach cables, which incorporate their OMNIBIT twin-ax cable designed for high data transmission up to 25 Gbps per channel. Also, they will showcase a new small form factor DensPac designed for next generation high-density data centers, which is higher density than QSFP28.

Noting DesignCon’s focus on high-speed design, Hitachi representatives look forward to interacting with attendees and introducing them to their development programs in the high-speed area. They expect DesignCon to be a great opportunity to engage with customers and potential customers that are facing signal integrity challenges.


Booth#: 200

Harwin is a manufacturer of interconnects, offering both power and signal options that perform in high vibration and shock environments. Harwin’s connectors come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are offered in the Datamate, Gecko and M300 series lines. At DesignCon, Harwin will be showcasing the EZ-BoardWare range, which includes shield clips, spring contacts, test points, jumper links, PCB sockets, cable clips, and coin cell battery holders. They will also showcase their interconnects, including the Gecko, Datamate and M300 series, with ranges from 1.25mm to 3mm pitch and current ratings from 2.0A to 10A. Harwin Mix-Tek connectors are also available with 40A power contacts.  

Harwin was attracted to DesignCon because of its direct interaction with the engineering community. Harwin is eagerly anticipating the ability to talk directly to design engineers looking for solutions to their high speed and power integrity needs. The manufacturer considers the DesignCon Expo an opportunity that is not to be missed, due to the broad spectrum of reputable exhibitors that participate.


Booth #: 518

Since 1977, Oupiin has designed and manufactured connectors throughout the world, focusing on storage, networking, communications, and backplanes. At DesignCon 2016, they will be showcasing their high-power edge card, bus bar connectors, PCI Express, and backplane connectors.


Booth#: TT6

To bridge the gaps between point tools in high speed SI/PI, SPISim architects its software such that it is very modularized, yet can be integrated seamlessly to meet SI/PI's design needs in a heterogeneous tool environment. SPISim has pre-built modules covering the full spectrum of SI/PI analysis flow, and a full featured flagship product running on top of them. In particular, they have in-depth modeling and analysis capabilities around system components such as IBIS, transmission lines, and S-parameter.

On the DesignCon Expo Floor, SPISim will showcase their SPIPro and SPILite.

SPIPro, their flagship product, has all of SPISim's modules integrated into a unified environment. Modules include:

•    NPro: Post-layout viewer with net extraction tool.
•    CPro: Channel builder for pre/post layout analysis.
•    VPro: A versatile yet powerful waveform viewer and analysis tool;
•    MPro: A comprehensive DOE/RSM/NNet and modeling tool;
•    SPro: S-Parameter analysis/processing tool;
•    TPro: Transmission line analysis/processing tool;
•    BPro: IBIS model generation and analysis tool;
•    DPro: DDR memory analysis/processing tool.

SPILite is a free signal integrity tool that does not require registration and will not expire. It provides simulation waveform viewer, S-parameter viewer with mixed-mode conversion, IBIS model inspector, and Channel builder in the same tool. These functions are subset of SPISim’s full offerings from SPIPro. SPILite runs across all platforms and can be downloaded from the SPISim website.

SPISim credits DesignCon as the best place for a new EDA company of the signal and power integrity fields to launch products, as it provides a venue for people from these fields to meet and share information.

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Want to learn more? Attend DesignCon 2016, the premier conference for chip, board, and systems design engineers. Taking place January 19-21, 2016, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, DesignCon will feature technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos, and exhibits. Register here.
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