DesignCon 2014 review - part 1

-February 04, 2014

DesignCon is one of the premier gatherings of signal integrity experts and related vendors focusing on high speed signal transmission in circuit boards and systems. This is a review of DesignCon 2014 from and EMC point of view.

As a first-timer to DesignCon, I was literally overwhelmed with all the events, paper presentations and vendors related to signal integrity. Much of the topics were pretty esoteric and I guess you have to design at this level when attempting to get 10 to 12 Gbps (and higher) data from one end of a transmission line to the other.

EDN editor, Martin Rowe, had invited me to participate in his panel discussion, SI and EMC are Related - Get Used to It!" and I also volunteered to present a 40-minute session on troubleshooting radiated emissions. Both sessions were very well attended. Most SI engineers know that when a good SI design is accomplished, it also generally benefits EMC, so there is definitely interest in both disciplines.

While the SI topics were interesting, I decided to focus more on the EMC aspects of the conference to see what tidbits I could glean. Here are some of the highlights of the show in "slideshow" format. Part 2 will cover more of the vendors:

Figure 1 - The DesignCon committee decided to host a breakfast for any “first timers”, which I thought as a first timer, was pretty cool. Here’s entrepreneur, Ron Harding, discussing with editor, Martin Rowe, a networking analysis test setup he keeps in his satchel. There were geeks galore at this show!

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