Joe Hudy: 'Making' an engineering career

-February 13, 2015

When you ask Joe Hudy how many times he's been invited to the White House, he has to stop and count.

The 17-year-old maker whose talents have been recognized not only by his peers and long-time engineers, but President Obama as well, began his young career on the Maker Faire circuit and has grown his resume to include time at Microchip and currently Intel, where he is the company's youngest employee.

Hudy took time out of his busy schedule – one in which he manages high school, his work at Intel, his own projects, and traveling the globe to share his love of making – to appear on the DesignCon Next Generation Engineering panel and for the below video interview to discuss what it means to be building a career in 2015, what it is to be a maker, and where he hopes technology will take us.

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