Mentoring the next generation

-January 21, 2016

One of my favorite events here at DesignCon 2016 is the Mentor Meet-up. I have always enjoyed the teaching aspects of my careerthe imparting of hard-earned knowledge to those who will follow us “grey-beards.” Once again this year a group of seasoned engineers met to help pass the baton to the next generation in a speed-mentoring event (similar to speed-dating). Every five minutes we would have the student/young engineers move over to sit across from the next mentor and so on.

The next generation lined up to chat with some mentors.

It is so refreshing and gives me a sense of this next generation’s capabilities and eagerness to immerse themselves into the engineering profession. They have so many questions and hopes and dreams.

The “grey beards” field questions during the mentor meet-up.

We grey-beards try to impart some sort of guidance by discussing our own careers and how we got started and offer what we can to these young people to steer them in the right direction toward greatness in their careers.

Our organizers and support staff of Naomi Price, Suzanne Deffree, and Janine Love (We could not do this without them!).

It takes a team effort to organize these types of events and make them mean something to attendees wondering which roads to take, where to get support, mentoring, and a job, just mention a few of their questions.

I can tell you that after sessions like this with these youngsters, there is great hope and a very bright future of creativity and drive in our profession. Good things are coming in the near and far term from these types of new engineering hopefuls.

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