Apple memo declares ‘No more typewriters,’ February 1, 1980

-February 01, 2017

Apple Computer President Mike Scott wrote an internal memo to all employees on February 1, 1980, declaring the end of typewriter use at the company.

Typewriters were, at the time, the biggest competitor to the Apple II, an 8-bit home computer that was one of the first successful mass-produced microcomputer products.

In the memo, Scott stated:

Effective Immediately!! No more typewriters are to be purchased, leased etc., etc.

Apple is an innovative company. We must believe and lead in all areas. If word processing is so neat, then let’s all use it!

Goal: By 1-1-81 No typewriters at Apple. (Ken, get rid of the DEC word processor ASAP)

Brownie Points: Typewriter users giving up their machines in favor of Apple II-Apple Writer Systems will get first priority on new Apple high performance systems. Those who can justify direct typing capabilities and will turn in their typewriter will get first Qume with Keyboard/Apple installations.

We believe the typewriter is obsolete. Let’s prove it inside before we try and convince our customers.

The memo was titled "YOU ALL BETTER READ THIS."

In the same year, Apple got rid of the title of “secretary,” as the company believed it to be tied too closely to a typist.

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Editor's note: This article was originally posted on February 1, 2013 and edited on February 1, 2017 to correct the phrase "let’s all use it."

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