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-October 29, 2013

Designing an embedded system is no small task. It requires an engineer to master a plethora of skills ranging from a basic understanding of digital and analog electronics through programming language fundamentals, algorithm design and even real-time programming. Unfortunately these skills are just the tipping point! The complexity of the technologies engineers use is steadily increasing, forcing further specialization. So where can an engineer turn when they hit a wall and need help, have a question that needs answers, is looking for a partner to develop with or maybe just wants to keep up on industry news?

As of Tuesday, October 29th at 7 a.m. Pacific time, the next generation of the ARM Connected Community website is live and can help designers with all of these questions and more. The site has been redesigned from scratch and is based on the Jive social media platform. The site allows for traditional social media content such as the ability to follow individuals, blogs and also some new content such as places and groups.

The ARM Connected Community will undoubtedly make developing embedded systems easier. In addition to the large amount of information already being generated on various technologies, users also have the ability to post questions on design issues they are encountering. Experts in the field continuously comb the community, ensuring that these questions get answers in a timely manner. It’s almost like having an FAE working side-by-side with you 24/7.

One concern with most social media sites is that they often generate so much information that it can be difficult to see through the forest to what is really needed. One of the unique features of the new site is that the content is posted into places. Places are logical groupings within the site. For example, one of the places on the site that I hold near and dear to my heart is the Embedded place. This area of the site contains all things embedded and is further divided into groups such as hardware and software. Users have the ability to not just browse the content but also post questions, polls, participate in discussions and much more! There are also other embedded related groups such as tools, processors and smart connected. Make sure you take some time to check out each one!

Finding help or a partner is also easy on the ARM Connected Community. ARM partners also have their own places. Users can follow these partners, interact with them and stay up to date with the latest they have to offer. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation and discover what these companies have to offer. They might just be able to help accelerate the design cycle or solve some problem that has been plaguing you for months.

Joining the ARM Connected Community is simple. All one needs to do is browse to and register. Once registered, it is highly recommended that the user update their profile with company information, a short bio, interests and tags that relate to the users expertise. It is then much easier to interact with other developers, partners and ARM experts that are involved in the site.

Over the past month or so I have had the opportunity to explore the site, participate with other developers, post content and get a general feel for the community. The user interface is clean and simple to use and finding information is easy. I’m excited to see the new community up and running in addition to how it will impact how developers design their systems. When you sign up to try it out please look me up and drop me a message to tell me what you think! I plan on being fairly active in the community so if it’s of interest, please feel free to follow me as well.

Jacob Beningo is an embedded system consultant and lecturer. He works with companies to decrease costs and time to market while maintaining a quality and robust product. He also offers coaching and hands-on training to help engineers enhance their embedded skillset. Feel free to contact him at or at his website

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