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-September 05, 2014

The movement for the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education is full throttle. As the makers of Gamestar Mechanic say, the STEM movement is all about teaching kids skills they need for the 21st Century, such as problem solving and creativity. There has been a definite shift in education since the industrial revolution. Tesla would be proud.

To celebrate this shift, we are highlighting the top 10 STEM educational gadgets on the market today. Make sure you’ve got your pocket protectors. This is going to get messy.


As far as STEM education for kids goes, littleBits was one of the first on the scene and remains one of the most successful. The company believes that the power of electrical engineering should belong to everyone. Its robotic kits are available to both adults and children that want to get in on the STEM movement.

The littleBits Proto Module is coming soon (image courtesy of littleBits).

The company offers kits that can be built to support simple designs, such as LED flashlights and alarms to fully programmable wireless robots. The artistic element of STEM is very important to littleBits and for that reason, it offers hundreds of different pieces that all work together harmoniously to support the design of anything you can dream.

littleBits offers over 60 modules and billions of possible combinations. Its kits support STEM programs in more than 1800 schools and although it’s a sizeable force, it has competition (because, well, this is America).

Link: littleBits

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