What happened to my scope?

-August 18, 2013

What's going on here? Is it a scope, or...?

Post your caption below. I'll add in the official version(s) a week or so after the cartoon appears.

Editor's [MD] update: Okay, you've come up with some great captions, including some which are  close in spirit to the original, official one:

I keep fiddling with it, but the only reading it will give me is an underbaked brownie.

A couple of other captions were bandied about:

Dad, could you probe this to see if it's done?

Thanks for the EZ-Bake oven kit Dad!

There was a real-life inspiration for this madness too. A non-techie friend, upon seeing my new, colourfully front-paneled scope, immediately exclaimed,"That's a nice EZ-Bake oven." Yes... Yes it is.

Find more of Alison's wonderful (though generally non-techie) comics at Sent From the Moon. Buy a print or a booklet or something.

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