Job stress and electrical engineers

-August 05, 2013

On the Salary Explorer web site, they post rate your job results for a myriad of occupations including electrical engineering. The data is collected on their site, link later in this blog, and one of the questions asked is, “Do you feel stressed in your job?” Actually, this site is fun, and the form where you can participate will give you a laugh (unless, of course, you answer 1 to all questions such as this one: How easy is it for you to advance in your career and get promotions?


Here are the results for electrical engineers (1 is worst, 5 best):

The stress index in Electrical Engineer is 2.65.

By gender, men are more stressed with an index of 2.64 compared with 2.83 for women. Why do you think this is?

By industry, electronics and electronics trades show up at 2.6, petroleum/energy/oil and gas/chemicals at 2.83, and construction/installation/facilities/maintenance at 2.73. Where would you rate your specific experience?

Jobs are rated for stress based on the answers submitted by their users. Here are some examples:

Stress comparison by age:

Let me get this straight? Only people up to age 32 responded? Hey, come on and go weigh in at Salary Explorer, especially if you’re over age 32.

By the way, the index for publishing and printing is only 2.39. Today would be an example of that.



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