Lighten Up! New LED Joke Contest

-September 17, 2013

A little more than a year ago, I mused that we had lost an important part of our culture—The light bulb joke. See:  Lighten Up! Have we lost our beloved light bulb jokes? So, naturally, you’re a creative bunch, right? I launched a quick contest for the top five LED bulb jokes. See: Lighten UP! Ta Da! The top five LED bulb jokes revealed.

The results were a disappointment to say the least!

Now, however, you’ve had a whole year to chew on it, to brush off your wild sense of humor, and creativity. I have great faith that you'll come through.


Here are the rules: 


  1. There is no prize other than seeing your name in “lights.”
  2. Submit your jokes by 10/01/2013.
  3. If there are duplicates, the first one in wins.
  4. I am a panel of one that decides who is in the top five—then I’ll open it up for you to vote.
  5. All entries should be placed in the comment section below for the world to see.
  6. Keep it clean.


So, are you in? I’m really anxious to hear some good jokes – remember, just ones about LEDs will be considered--others will be removed. 



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