MIL-STD-704 simulation on the cheap

-June 15, 2017

MIL-STD-704A, Curve 1 for +28V power, defines voltage transients which can appear on a +28V DC line. You can pay many dollars to buy simulators that will reproduce that DC level and those transients, but if you just want to beat up your prototype(s) for a while, you can use an inexpensive test fixture as shown below to loosely mimic those DC plus transients combinations.


When being used to mimic a MIL-STD-704 situation, a +28 V DC input goes to the input labeled DC IN which is the anode of the 1N1204. A higher voltage supply of up to 80 V DC goes to the input labeled Hi-V IN. The pin labeled DC OUT then carries +28 V DC less the 1N1204 voltage drop but punctuated by 80V transients in keeping with timing set by the ICM7155. An operating set-up would look like the following sketch.

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