Engineers' career confidence on the rise

-August 15, 2013

Randstad Engineering gave us a happiness boost this morning over Twitter when their account (@RandstadEngUS) shared the following infographic. (Thanks to Linda Galipeau, CEO of Randstad North America, for Twitter messaging us about it.)

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According to a Q2 survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of Randstad, an HR and staffing company, engineering employee confidence is on the up. The survey found that 40% of the 119 engineers surveyed believe the economy is getting stronger as compared to 26% in Q1.

Moreover, 62% of the engineers surveyed said they feel confident in their ability to find a new job, an 11% increase from Q1.

In all, Randstad reported that in the quarter engineering professionals had some of the highest employee confidence levels when analyzed on a sector basis, stronger than those in IT, office and administrative, manufacturing, and healthcare. Randstad’s Employee Confidence Index for Q2 was at 61.9, up 7 points from the previous quarter and marking only the second time since 2008 the index was above 60.

It is a good time to be an engineer -- and if you’ve been in engineering for more than 5 years, you know that’s not something that’s always been true. You also know that no career environment is perfect and that there’s always something to complain about.

While 2013 is far from boom time levels of employment and compensation, such survey results and general conversations I have with engineers lead me to believe we’ll have a more positive outlook than we’ve had in a long time at the year’s close in a few months. The economic and emotional wounds of 2008’s recession, it seems, are starting to heal.

What’s your take? Is it a good time to be an engineer? Are you confident in your ability to find another job with good compensation? Share your thoughts below.

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