GPS shoe tracks dementia patients

-December 06, 2011

I just saw this post on the PR Newswire and had to call it to your attention. Omnilink Systems, GTX Corp and Aetrex have come together to develop the GPS Shoe for people with Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss.

Here's what the Aetrex website says about the shoe:
"The Aetrex GPS Shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the right heel, providing real-time tracking. At frequent and specific time intervals, the GPS tracking device sends a signal to the central monitoring station determining the wearer’s exact location and relays that information to a tracking website for you to view (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan).

The premise of the technology is based on alerting you when your loved one has wandered off too far from a preset location, allowing you to set up a geographic boundary known as a “geozone”. When the individual wanders off and leaves the preset geozone, you are quickly notified via an email or SMS text to your mobile phone. The service also provides emergency tracking in case you need to locate a loved one immediately."

So, you can buy these shoes now at They look very much like sneakers (see image) and are available in standard men's and women's sizes, with velcro straps or shoe laces. They cost around $300 and the tracking servcie is $35/month.

What do you think? I think this is brilliant. Have you seen the shoes? Did you design the shoes? Weigh in below...

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