First impressions of Xi3’s 'microserver in a box' populating a data center container

-March 29, 2012

In the AMD booth on the DESIGN West exhibit floor, Xi3, which makes computers in a radically different form factor and mother board designs, unveiled its plans to enter the data center market with its microservers. The demo featured a complete "data center in a container," with 224 microservers—8 two-rack unit (RU) chassis, each containing a 28 microservers.

For the form factor of the container and the number of RUs, this offering appears to be the densest with the possible exception of blade servers. Xi3 is planning to announce the product availability later this year.  

Figure 1. Front View of the data center with one of the bays removed.

The microservers are arranged in four rows across each two-RU chassis (see below). The number of RUs in a network cabinet or data center on wheels can possibly go higher than 224, but this would require validation of cooling. More information on higher server population configurations is forthcoming from Xi3.

Figure 2. Close up view of a 2-RU chassis.

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