Advanced Technology: Beginning with Roswell

April 01, 2014

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In the previous article, we looked at the advancement of technology in the WW II days, in covert research laboratories in Germany. The second instance of 20th-century covert technology is the greatest event of the 20th century, if you can believe it. Both instances are now being revealed, and Hollywood is an outlet. The CIA and military intelligence have been working with Hollywood ever since WW II days when Disney made war propaganda films for the U.S. government (USG).

The biggest secret is still well-kept in an official way after over a half century. It has never been clearly decided that it should remain a secret and a few U.S. presidents since FDR have preferred that it be disclosed (Kennedy and Carter among them, and possibly Eisenhower and Reagan too). In the murky social sciences, much has also been learned covertly about the human mind and how to control it.


Hollywood movies effect afferent conditioning while the fictional nature of sci-fi tells the viewer that this is not really true. Or is it? ET movie director Stephen Spielberg was present with President Reagan at a private White House screening of ET: The Extraterrestrial. Reagan said that only about nine people in the room knew how true this really is. Reagan had, upon assuming the presidential office, been briefed by CIA chief William Casey about ETs. This briefing was transcribed and revealed in controlled leaks that began in the early to mid-2000s. (See under Reagan.)


The definitive UFO event occurred in early July, 1947 near Roswell and Corona New Mexico, where two craft - one at each location - were recovered. One live occupant of the crash at Corona was also recovered, though the Corona crash was discovered later than the Roswell crash which occurred on Mac Brazel’s ranch. He reported it to the local sheriff who called the air base at Roswell. This particular air base was one of the most advanced in the U.S. Army Air Force. From it flew the bombers that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan.

Not only was New Mexico the site of the U.S. atomic bomb development and testing (in Los Alamos), it also was the state in which the German rocket engineers, headed by von Braun, were initially located. Von Braun was one of the people who personally investigated the Roswell crash site. He would have been one of the most qualified persons in the world to assess what had crashed.


The base commander dispatched intelligence officer Jesse Marcel to investigate. He drove out to the ranch and recovered some of the debris of the crashed craft. His house was on the way back to the base, and in the early morning he stopped there, dumped the contents on the kitchen floor, and called his family to take a look, including eleven-year-old Jesse Jr., who vividly recalled that night. The base public relations officer, Walter Haut, initially released a statement covered by the local news media that something of unknown origin had crashed.


Meanwhile the report made its way up the chain of command to the Pentagon, where a decision came down to base commander, Col. Blanchard, that a cover story was needed. Haut then released a story about weather balloons. In the long history of official explanations, to date, four incompatible explanations have been given by the Air Force for the event. No serious investigator who has alternative explanations (involving ETs or otherwise) finds the official Air Force pronouncements credible.


The Roswell incident has been investigated most thoroughly by former nuclear engineer Stanton Friedman (, who spent most of his career developing nuclear rocket propulsion for the USG in the Nevada desert. Friedman is the only person (according to him) who has been at the residences of both Jesse Marcel senior and junior and has gone over their stories in detail. Walter Haut also left a confession in his will about the cover-up.


Friedman emphasizes the importance of investigation over proclamation, especially when tangling with proclaimers like Michael Shermer of MIT, who opines yet, has not done any field work. Friedman’s field work has been extensive and rigorous. His attention to details is impressive and in some of his investigative efforts he has made discoveries of significant UFO documents in government archives and in the presidential libraries.

His conclusion? The Roswell bodies were not crash dummies (a much later Air Force explanation for the children’s coffins requested from the local funeral parlor). Friedman believes that the crash (at both sites) was that of an ET vehicle. The testimonies of local townspeople who were witness to the events corroborate this, despite pressure applied to them (and to the local radio station and newspaper) to go along with the cover story.

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