Advanced Technology: Flying Saucers & the Underworld

-April 30, 2014

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Here is the third and final blog in this series.


In the two previous articles on advanced covert technology, some loose ends in history involving the end of WW II and NAZI technology and the post-WW II rise of UFO phenomena were presented. This article concludes the series by continuing with disclosures from investigations into flying saucers, the MJ-12 group in the NSC, and the massive underground facilities that do not make the mainstream news.

Funding for multiple Manhattan-sized ET-related technology projects has purportedly been ongoing. Ever wonder how the Pentagon could just happen to lose 2.3 trillion (not billion) dollars in their accounting (as was reported in the mainstream news by then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld), and without major GAO investigation? The huge profits from covert black-ops also disappear into secret projects.

Another incongruity in late 20th-century technological history is why something as important as space has been left to languish in the U.S. with the demise of the Space Shuttle program. An aggressive US-UK Establishment, with a power elite playing the Great Game of global hegemonic order, would certainly not omit taking the high ground of space. They have not. The public and civilian aspect of NASA has been left to mow the lawns at NASA facilities while the undisclosed aspects (including several classified Shuttle missions) are directed toward the advanced, undisclosed technology.

Most of this is not under NASA but is military and is highly compartmentalized. Some of the German- or ET-derived technology (with disagreements about sources) is operational in disclosed weapons such as the B-2 bomber. The B-2 has a different mode of flight when airborne and is known to have a high-voltage system, not unlike the reputedly electrogravitic demonstrator that Thomas Townsend Brown showed the U.S. military. Biefield and Brown’s work on an unexplained force generated by asymmetrical capacitors is of itself quite interesting.

Shown below is a diagram of one of the advanced-propulsion vehicles flown out of the Nevada Test Site.


It looks like the triangular crafts that were observed by hundreds of people during a sighting in Belgium that was brushed off officially as mass hallucination. Videos or photos of such craft in the air by ordinary observers can be found on the Web, with three bright circles at the vertices. The description and drawing shown above was depicted by Edgar Fouche, who worked on several black-budget aerospace projects and is one of the disclosers. The disclosure of these drawings shows either successful counterintelligence work or, more likely, that with such large projects it is not possible to maintain absolute secrecy.

The single-stage-to-orbit craft, the giant triangular 600-foot nuclear-powered TR-3B Astra, is claimed to be capable of going to the moon and returning when fitted with extra LOX tanks. The three methane-LOX rocket engines at the vertices of the vehicle do the lifting and propulsion.

The TR-3B base of operations has been moved from the Papoose Lake (S-4) area (south of Groom Lake at Nellis AFB, Nevada) to a more secretive location in Utah; the Nevada Test Site is too much noticed nowadays. The key sci-fi-like technology from Roswell that has been reverse-engineered is putatively magnetogravitic, and according to Fouche, in the TR-3B is able to null out 89 % of the gravity (mass) within the field generated by the magnetogravitic device.

This is the same kind of technology that the NAZIs were experimenting with under Hans Kammler in the NAZI “Bell”. Mercury vapor pressurized to 250,000 atmospheres and at 150 Kelvin is rotated at 50,000 rpm to produce a superconducting plasma with a strong magnetic field. In the early 20th century, Tesla had suggested, and Einstein hypothesized from the General Theory of Relativity, that with a sufficiently strong electric or magnetic field, gravity would be affected.

Don’t ask me how it works; apparently the key discovery - one that Nikola Tesla proposed (and is often credited to Einstein because he was at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies where Tesla proposed it) resulted in The Philadelphia Experiment, the title of yet another sci-fi movie. The Philadelphia Experiment is covered at some length on the Internet and remains officially undisclosed to this day, probably because what was involved is related to electrogravitic or magnetogravitic effects.

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