Hitachi to enter 100W LED bulb market in Japan

June 26, 2012

Hitachi has announced that it will offer 100W-equivalent LED bulbs, joining companies such as Philips, GE, and Sylvania. (A typical 100W incandescent bulb has an output of about 1700 lm, for an efficacy of 17lm/W.) The company intends the bulb for sale only in Japan; It has not released what the actual lumen output is or its power consumption. Also, at 123mm long, the bulb is about 1cm longer than a 100W incandescent lamp, it can’t be used in outdoor applications, and is non-dimmable.

On the other hand, the light automatically lowers its light output and therefore temperature when the temperature or external humidity becomes too high, making it suitable for closed appliances or fixtures such as down lights. Many incandescent replacement lights, such as some CFLs, are not suitable for down lights because the enclosed environment causes overheating and early failures.

The light, designated theLDA15D-G, will be released in Japan on July 15 by Hitachi’s Appliances division.

Via Tech-On.

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