Why did you become an engineer?

-February 03, 2012

In our 5 Engineers section - part of this blog and our Fun Friday newsletter, where we toss out a question and invite our audience to respond with their wittiest answers - we recently asked: What’s your favorite geek song and why? Visit this page to share your own answer to that question and thanks to all who already commented (my iPod has been updated!).

This week our thoughts are on more serious matters than Oingo Boingo and “Weird Al” Yankovic. EDN from time to time focuses on encouraging kids to get excited about STEM - ultimately, it's about becoming an engineer. And now we're wondering how and why you found your way into this field.

So here’s our question for the week: Why did you become an engineer? What was it that inspired you to pursue engineering as a career path?

Post your short answers below.

Editor's note: This blog post was updated on Feb. 24, 2015.

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