The 5 greatest engineers of all time

-September 14, 2012

We recently asked, “Who are the greatest engineers of all time?” and you, the engineering community, commented with your thoughts.

In the more than 115 comments posted, you also offered some good debate on who did what and who deserves to be called one of the greatest engineers of all time—so good, in fact, that commenter Al.Sledge posted:

“Reading the nominees was fantastic by itself. Thank you all. I often reflect on why I have such great vision and can see so far. It is because I sit atop the shoulders of the giants who preceded me.

“Ponder a moment what engineering would be like without the invention of ‘zero.’ Each great inventor is preceded by smaller discoveries of others plus a gift of vision.

“I doubt that I will ever make a great earth-shattering contribution to engineering, but I have the satisfaction of building things that others want built. For myself, it is not about ego, but rather the great satisfaction I get from seeing my ideas become reality.”

Well said, Al.Sledge. With that, we present a handful of giants: the five engineering greats most mentioned by EDN’s engineering community. Read on. Who landed in the top five may surprise you.

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