DesignCon 2017 video: Expected and unexpected products

-February 13, 2017

When I walk around trade show exhibit halls, my video camera is always at hand. Aside from the fact that I knew know who I might encounter, I find taking short videos a good way for you to see that was on display. Plus, video doesn’t miss the details I might miss when taking notes. With that in mind, I present videos of usual (page 1) and unusual (page 2) products from DesignCon 2017.

With PAM4 showing up just about everywhere, you'd expect the oscilloscope companies to be on top of it. After all, a DesignCon paper covered the world's fastest PAM signal.

PAM4 is now becoming part of Optical Internetworking Forum, and Ethernet standards for 56 Gbps and the upcoming 112 Gbps data rates. To keep up with those standards, engineers will need compliance-test procedures that will use oscilloscopes, bit-error-rate testers (BERTs), and signal analyzers. The video below shows a 56 Gbps (28 Gbaud) PAM4 compliance test running on a Teledyne LeCroy 65 GHz oscilloscope. The QPHY-56G-PAM4 option was released on Feb. 1 at DesignCon.

There's more than one way to analyze a PAM4 signal. Multilane teamed with Texas instruments to show how adding equalization can improve signal quality by compensating for losses in a transmission medium. In this demonstration, Multilane's BERT generates the signals measures BER on the signal after equalization.

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