EDN cartoons from the 1980s: Part 1

-December 26, 2017

While EDN has long been known for its in-depth technical features, we've always liked have a little fun, even at our own expense. That goes back a long way. Indeed, EDN used to publish a Dilbert cartoon in every print issue from the 1990s until print ceased in 2013. Before there was Dilbert, EDN published its own cartoons. Starting today and continuing for the rest of this week, we'll publish a cartoon each day that appeared in 1986 or 1987.

This cartoon appeared in the March 20, 1986 issue. It had no caption, so try writing one yourself. Leave a comment. The same goes for Part 3, which posts December 28. The cartoons in Parts 2 and 4 have captions, but they could use some updating.

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