B&B Electronics becomes B+B SmartWorx, redefines its IoT, M2M future

-January 26, 2015

What do companies do that are respected in their market segment and then a game changer comes along—a truly disruptive force—so that how they’ve described themselves for years is no longer well, completely valid? 

At the ripe old age of 34, network connectivity expert B&B Electronics ripped off its old brand and donned both a new focus and a new moniker. Now B+B SmartWorx, what is immediately apparent is its emphasis on added intelligence and a broad and growing IoT and M2M customer base.

In 2014, the company’s introduction of its Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform for the creation of wireless sensor networks for apps and logic living at the network edge, combined with its SWARM intelligence-based cellular edge gateway devices and became the company’s (SmartWorx) IoT Edge Processing Architecture.

By adding intelligence and even greater depth to its offerings B+B SmartWorx is delivering the connected intelligence the IoT requires, compared with a focus on adding network connectivity. The emphasis has definitely switched to a different syllable.

It wasn’t just new products and capabilities last year that spurred the change. The real spark was the acquisition of the Czech Republic-based Conel and its industrial cellular gateways that expanding B&B’s European base and creating a need for a global brand. The company ratio of software to hardware engineers has also moved from 1:1 to 8:1 and all of the company’s global location teams, including a new team in Galway, Ireland have increased.

It’s also not just a name change that will do the trick in moving to a real IoT enabler. It’s people, processing technology, a broad base, stellar reputation, and a clear understanding of where you’re going—elements that B&B has pulled together. In addition to the name change and focus expansion, B_B SmartWorx also announced a connected intelligence global partner ecosystem.

It’s impossible these days to go it alone. The company launched the ecosystem to ensure the success of intelligent connectivity with many partner companies to result in effective IoT applications for end customers in demanding non-consumer IoT. Partners include:


  • Cumulocity
  • Davra Networks
  • ILS Technology
  • ParStream
  • SeeControl
  • Skkynet
  • ThingWorx
  • MVNO partners KORE and Mobius Networks
  • International carriers.
The partners will leverage their combined strengths to deliver what end users developing IoT/M2M products really need.

Cool move, B&B, or B+B (patience--it will take me a little time to get used to the change). Looking forward to see what shakes out of the evolution in the near term.


See Mike Fahrion’s article: Tips & Trends: Change (aka unscrambling IT, OT and IoT for what it means to approach this kind of brand shakeup.


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