10 things you may not know about Tesla

-March 15, 2013

Nikola Tesla, the favorite genius of many the engineer, stood out not only for his brilliance but also for some of his personal traits and beliefs that were sometimes odd.

That’s not to be insulting; it’s simply a fact. In comparison to others of his time, Tesla was noted not only for his scientific and engineering accomplishments but also for his personal habits, rituals, and beliefs.

Perhaps by today’s terms, Tesla would be diagnosed with OCD or a similar syndrome, but in his day many of the following traits were simply written off as the peculiarities or partial insanity that came with his character.

Some also example his extreme intelligence and dedication to his work, even the sacrifices he made along the course of his exceptional career.

Continue reading and take a look at 10 things that were at play in Tesla’s daily life and, in whatever part, accompanied his intelligence and made him the man he was.

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