DIY Lightsabers

-May 03, 2013

Although the first of its films did not hit theaters until the end of May 1977, May 4 is unofficially celebrated as Star Wars Day, with fans terming “May the 4th be with you” as its slogan and coming together for Star Wars-themed merriment.

What better way to celebrate than to build your own Lightsaber, the iconic weapon from the series.
There plenty of built Lightsaber replica props available, but there are so many DIY (do it yourself) projects out there that it’s hard to resist building one yourself.

Here are two videos with information on making Lightsaber replica props, plus one video on research into making an actual pure energy Lightsaber.

Replica Lightsaber hilt made using plumbing and household items. This one does not light but the build looks like an easy project and it’s something true fans could wear to ComicCon (or the office or supermarket, depending on your level of Star Wars pride).

Based on kits but these Lightsabers light. Plus the video offers some insight into how the original Star Wars films created inexpensive lightsabers.

And the Science Channel takes a serious look at how one day we could create such an actual blade of pure energy.


If you’ve got Star Wars-themed plans for May 4, 2013, share them below. And May the 4th be with you this weekend.

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