The Silicon Valley electronic flea market and breakfast

Paul Rako -May 09, 2013

The Silicon Valley electronic flea market, dubbed the eFlea by my pal and long-time attendee Dave Ruigh, is this Saturday, May 11, 2013.

My buddies and I try to get the eFlea by 6:00AM. Then around 9:30 we go over to Bobbies breakfast bistro and compare purchases and catch up on the scuttlebutt. We are often still gabbing by 1:00PM.

There is a 3-dollar parking fee at the eFlea—you have to get a ticket out of one of the machines or you get a real ticket for 35 bucks. If you want to sell it’s still only $20 for two parking spaces inside the market.

Be sure to get to the eFlea at the crack of dawn if you want to scoop up the really good stuff. Many attendees carry powerful LED flashlights to help pierce the darkness.

Because I go to the eFlea with my totally cool pals, they tip me off about totally cool gear like these Blonder-Tongue units.

My EE buddies are always looking for test equipment. Here is a nice HP signal generator. That is why you used to see Jim Williams and Bob Pease at the eFlea. Bob Dobkin, the founder of Linear Tech is there most months, as is Dennis Monticelli from TI.

Here is a nice Tek scope. There are scads of test equipment every month. Hey, something has to compensate us for living in this over-priced hell-hole called California.

There is a fellow who deals Metcals and every other type of soldering equipment you can think of. The eFlea is where you get that 0.010 lead solder.

Ya can’t design it if ya can’t see it. All my pals have an assortment of visual acuity enhancers, everything from eye loupes to these zoom inspection microscopes.

And here is a modest selection of power tools.

Well, you get the idea and see why it’s a good thing to show up early. Next post I will talk about our breakfasts at Bobbies and the cool gizmos we find.

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