11 reasons to fall in love with an engineer

-February 13, 2014

As you may suspect, we at EDN are big fans of engineers in every aspect of work and life. We’ve written about why engineers are awesome and standby all points made in that article as 100% true.

Now with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re thinking about engineers in a more personal sense. If you have already fallen in love with an engineer, count yourself among the lucky ones. You’ll probably agree with the following 11 reasons to fall in love with an engineer. If you’re looking for love, look no further than your local e-flea (electronics flea market), Fry’s, or ComicCon or Star Trek convention. Once you get past the Starfleet uniforms, you’ll find some truly wonderful people.

Enjoy the below 11 humorous reasons to fall in love with an engineer and add your own reasons in the blog’s comments section.

1. You’ll never have to call an electrician/plumber/handyman/mechanic again. If it’s broken, they can fix it.

2. When it’s late at night and they haven’t come home yet, there’s no need for concern. Rest assured that they are not cheating on you. They’re just at their workbench weighing the pros and cons of two different components and are so engrossed in whatever project they are working on that they’ve lost track of time. You’ll likely still find them there when the sun comes up. Be cool and bring them coffee.

3. Because if you can cook bacon, they will think you are a gourmet chef. 

4. Because if you can cook bacon and open beer bottles without spilling a drop, they will put you on a pedestal.

5. Because smart really is sexy.

6. Diamonds may be forever (and crazy expensive) but a vintage Heath Kit or a flashing LED heart electronic kit (pictured in this blog and found here) is what they really want.

7. Your parents likely won’t see them as a threat so family gatherings and holidays will be much more pleasant.

8. Generally (although not exclusively) introverts, you won’t lose time with your friends because he/she wants to spend time with their friends as a couple. In fact, they’ll encourage you to go out without them. Have fun and know you’ll find them at their workbench when you get home (see point 2).

9. Logical thinking will always win out over possible romantic gestures. This at times will be a negative, especially around Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and holidays. But logical means practical and stable -- and if you’re in this for the long term, a new “whatchamacallit” that you needed or the electronics gizmo they think you needed is better than overpriced roses that will be in the compost pile a week later.

10. Don’t worry about your looks fading over time. Odds are, they won’t notice. In fact, they won’t even know what color eyes you have unless they picked up on that once while envying your Goggle Glass … which they got you for Valentine’s Day.

11. And lastly, engineers are overall awesome. Sure, there are personality quirks, but everyone has quirks. So if you’re lucky enough to find an engineer and fall in love, hold on tight, don’t let go, and make sure to serve bacon at your wedding.

In conclusion, if you’re without a special someone and feeling like 1 is the loneliest number, take heart and find an engineer. But be ready for them to explain that 1 is not the loneliest number; 2 is because it’s the only even prime.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. Post your own thoughts on love and engineers below.

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