8 more jokes for engineers

-April 17, 2014

Bill Gates ends up in purgatory in a conference room with St. Peter and Satan. They tell Bill his inventions have done great amounts of good and harm, and they can't decide where he belongs. So they are going to let him choose after he gets tours of heaven and hell.

St. Peter takes him up to heaven. Bill thinks it's nice, but the puffy white clouds and harp music will get pretty boring after a while.
Next, Satan takes him for a tour of hell. To Bill's surprise he is on a white coral beach with turquoise water.

Back in purgatory, they ask Bill for his decision. He said heaven would frankly become boring, so his choice is hell.

Poof! Bill is in hell. The superhot air is full of sulfur and agonized screams. Satan is prodding him along with a red-hot pitchfork!

Bill is shocked and asks "What happened?"

Satan says with a loud laugh ..."Oh, that was the demo version!"

Submitted by kenish

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