11 summer vacation spots for engineers

EDN staff -July 25, 2014

This collection of places from tech history, museums, and modern marvels is a roadmap for an engineering adventure that will take you around the world. Here are just a few spots covering 11 areas of six different countries where you can get more from your summer vacation.

Navigate through and let us know what other interesting places you've visited, or have on your bucket list, in the comments below.

  1. New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. London
  4. Los Alamos, NM and Nova Scotia
  5. Baikonur, Kazakhstan and Orlando, FL
  6. Northern California
  7. Ballycastle, Ireland
  8. Massachusetts and Arecibo, Puerto Rico

New York

Wardenclyffe, at Shoreham, Long Island, NY (Tesla Science Center)

In 1901, Nikola Tesla purchased 200 acres on Long Island’s north shore, part of an 1800 acre potato farm along what is today Route 25A in Shoreham, NY. The site became known as Wardenclyffe, after the former owner James Warden. Here Tesla established what would become his only remaining laboratory building.

The purpose of the Wardenclyffe laboratory was to establish a wireless telegraphy plant. His wireless transmission tower was to tap into the earth's electro-magnetic fields. The energy flow of the earth could be magnified, converted into electrical power and broadcast to smaller (wireless) sub-stations a great distance away via the troposphere.

Built in 1901, the Wardenclyffe tower was 187 feet tall and you can still see the base of it at the current site. Source: Tesla Science Center

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe group launched an Internet fundraising campaign that ultimately raised $1.37 million and eventually, in May 2013, succeeded in purchasing the 16-acre industrial property, including Wardenclyffe and the original tower base.

Since purchasing Wardenclyffe in 2013, the Tesla Science Center group has made great progress cleaning up the site. Source: Tesla Science Center

A Tesla statue donated by the government of Serbia was recently unveiled at the site, and the group is continuing to fundraise in order to “create a science learning center and museum worthy of Tesla and his legacy.”

This statue donated by the Serbian government was recently placed in front of his Wardenclyffe lab. Source: Tesla Science Center

Learn more about the site and work being done here.

Museum of Mathematics, NYC

The Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), located in Manhattan between Fifth and Madison Avenue, opened in 2012 as the first museum in the US dedicated to mathematics. With the goal of enhancing understanding and perception of mathematics, the museum features exhibits for visitors of all ages. Some exhibits include the Hyper Hyperboloid where you spin in a swivel chair inside a chamber walled by vertical cords and see how the cords come together to form a curved surface around you, and the Mathenaeum, a design studio where you use a mechanical control system (seen below) to manipulate basic shapes to create original designs, some of which you can see 3D printed and displayed.

Source: The Museum of Mathematics

Inside the Hyper Hyperboloid exhibit. Source: The Museum of Mathematics

The Mathenaeum design studio mechanical control system. Source: The Museum of Mathematics

Read more and get visiting information here.

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