Valentine's Day cards for engineers

& -February 12, 2015

Hold up. This can't be right. According to the calendar, Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

It's easy to forget this Hallmark holiday. We just finished the major 2014 winter holidays and we're all finally back at our workbenches, and, hello, is V-Day even a real holiday? If you've been busy doing more important things like designing and haven’t been by the card store yet, don't worry, EDN has you covered.

Print out one of these beauties for your honey (click on the images to view a PDF). These goodies will remind them that you, the love of their life, are an engineer through and through. If they need a reminder of why they are lucky to be the apple of an engineer's eye, have them read this. And speaking of apples, an engineer will likely show you how to power a microcontroller with one!

Despite it being a cardstock holiday, EDN wishes you all a happy Valentine's Day. May it be filled with whatever your true love is, be that your special someone or your sliderule.

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Artwork by Jessica MacNeil, text by Suzanne Deffree

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