PXI bundle eases automotive electronics testing

-November 30, 2015

Comprising both hardware and test-executive software, the TS-8989 reference package from Keysight Technologies allows engineers to test automotive body and safety electronics. The bundle combines an 8-slot PXI chassis and an 11-slot switch and load unit with an integrated 8-channel digital I/O module and ±12-V fixed DC power supply for fixture control—all in single 19-in. rack-mount box that occupies 8RU.

In addition to an integrated modular switch and load component that enables high-voltage and high-current switching and load simulation, the TS-8989 comes with a test sequencer and hardware libraries to reduce the time to design, integrate, and deploy functional testing.

Managing the test reference platform is Keysight’s TestExec SL, a customizable test executive that is supported by a library of predefined routines for the measurement and testing of automotive electronics. Engineers can quickly create a test plan and sequencing from this library of over 250 routines, such as actions for generating wheel-speed sensor signals.

The TS-8989 PXI functional test system can be used as a benchtop box or integrated into a rack. It accommodates 64×4 matrix switch cards and provides switching speeds of up to 300 µs. The platform also affords high-current switching up to 40 A with current sense and flyback protection.

The TS8989 body and safety reference solution is available today with configurations starting at $43,000.

TS8989 product page

Keysight Technologies, www.keysight.com

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