Ethernet Technology Summit

-February 16, 2012

Next week, I will be in the sunny state of California for the Ethernet Technology Summit.  I’ll be joining some other panelists for the session, “Continuing Role of Ethernet in Storage,” which is taking place Wednesday, February 22 from 9:50 to 10:50 a.m. in San Jose.  My portion of the discussion will focus specifically on the topic of “Advantages and Testing Considerations of a Converged DCB Network.”

During the presentation, I will briefly touch on some advantages achieved by the integration of Storage, such as iSCSI or FCoE, onto a typical data network when using DCB (Data Center Bridging).  I will also cover some reasons why I think that thorough conformance and interoperability testing, especially in that type of a Converged Data Center, is important.

You can register to attend the Ethernet Technology Summit at their website:  Dan Shea and Ryan Goulding from our Storage and Data Center Bridging areas will also be in attendance at the conference, so if anyone would like to stop by our booth and chat about Ethernet, Storage, the IOL in general, or even about great local restaurant suggestions, please feel free to do so.


Peter Scruton, Manager

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