OFA Developers Conference

-March 26, 2012

Nickolas Wood will be attending the OFA Developers Conference in Monterey, California next week with Rupert Dance. While there Nickolas will be helping Rupert present the testing result findings that was gathered during the last OFA logo event which took place from Dec 2011 – Jan 2012. This past event was different and much more involved then prior events. Nickolas spear headed the concept of OS interoperability within the context of RDMA technologies. To understand that, a little history is needed; but, to summarize, the software packages distributed by the OFA to enable RDMA functionality have started making their way into the upstream repositories of a few Linux distro’s. We wanted to find out how well they worked whereas in the past, we only tested with the software directly published by the OFA. This conference is trying to determine the direction the OFA Interoperability Logo Program should move in, in light of history and the current set of results. For more information go to: http://bit.ly/xfgP9j


Nickolas Wood, HPC Systems Administrator, Technical Lead

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