Welcome back to The EMC Blog, now with Magic!

-April 18, 2016

Welcome to the new EMC Blog.

As many of you know, this blog has been written by my good friend Kenneth Wyatt, expert in EMC design and troubleshooting techniques.

I'll continue that tradition by providing interesting and useful information about EMI and EMC. Because Ken did an impressive job, my challenge isn't easy.

Because I'm so enthusiastic about hardware and lab experiments, you'll see real-world circuits, waveforms, and design/troubleshooting techniques. In addition, I'll offer information about interesting tools or instruments on the market, as well as EMI/EMC conferences and symposia around the world.

Here I am at the 2014 IEEE EMC Symposium with Jennifer Kern,
owner of Stylus Publishing. Photo by Kenneth Wyatt

A future post will describe my lab, including instrumentation, probes, special tools, accessories, and many other useful "gadgets." The lab is really important in testing and preparing experiments and demos I offer when teaching my EMI/EMC courses.

Because I usually work with companies in many fields of electronics I'll show you real examples of EMI/EMC problems. Many of those examples aren't proprietary and the companies have given me permission to publish interesting ideas for other engineers.

Many engineers consider EMI/EMC troubleshooting techniques "Magic." Yes, high frequency is like "magic" and because I love magic tricks, I founded The HF-Magic Lab, a specialized laboratory for EMI, EMC, SI, and RF design, diagnostic, troubleshooting, and training. That's because in my courses, I usually do magic tricks. Learning is more effective with fun! I will try to pass the "magic sense" to you.

Teaching practicing engineers is quite different than teaching students at the University. Students don't have experience—they're discovering the world. Engineers in companies have experience; they suffer real and difficult EMI/EMC problems. Teaching both groups of people is both exciting and enriching.

I also encourage discussion. Please, post your questions on EMI/EMC issues in the comments below and I'll try to provide some help.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the help and knowledge I've received from experts such as Doug Smith, Henry Ott, Bill Kimmel (I miss you), Daryl Gerke, Mark Steffka, Lee Hill, Howard Johnson, and of course, Ken Wyatt.

Are you ready for EMI/EMC?

Are you ready for fun?

Are you ready for the Magic?

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