The 2016 EMC Symposium is coming

-May 22, 2016

If you're read The EMC Blog, you're surely interested in EMI/EMC and signal/power integrity. In that case, plan to attend the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC 2016).

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society is the world's largest organization dedicated to the development and distribution of information, tools and techniques for reducing electromagnetic interference.

The 2016 EMC Symposium will offer five full days of EMC and signal/power integrity learning and networking in Ottawa, Canada on 25-29 July 2016. Over the years, I've found the EMC symposium to be a valuable conference for engineers to learn about EMC technology. You'll also discover new techniques, products, tools, and companies.

This year's Symposium includes:

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