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EDN staff -October 18, 2012

EDN is you, the design engineer. We aim to be an open electronics community for engineers, by engineers, with the information, tools, courses, and professional connections you need to get your job done and get your ideas from concept to reality. And we do so by welcoming your contributed content, comments, and opinions.

Be sure to log in to EDN to share your bio and access all that EDN has to offer, from following other members of our community, to commenting, to accessing information, files, and tools.

Behind the scenes we have a staff of engineers and editors keeping things running. You’ll find them and their contact information below. We encourage you to reach out to us. Tell us what you like and don’t like, and be sure to interact with us by sharing your thoughts on EDN content pages.

Contact us

Michael Dunn
Editor in Chief
Technical Editor, Design Ideas, IC/FPGA, Medical, and PCB Design Centers, and Design Tools/DevKits
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Jessica MacNeil
Senior Editor
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Steve Taranovich
Senior Technical Editor, Analog Design Center and Power Design Center
Cell: 631-413-1834
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Martin Rowe
Senior Technical Editor, Test and Measurement Design Center
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