EADS adopts Pallas' synthetic instrument technology

-October 14, 2009

EADS North America Test and Services, a division of EADS North America, has entered into an agreement with Pallas Systems, a manufacturer of advanced logistics tools, to provide synthetic instrument-based devices for field service and operational level test requirements. Under the contract, EADS North America Test and Services has exclusive rights to distribute Pallas' products under the EADS North America label for the defense and aerospace markets.

EADS will employ Pallas' SI (synthetic instrument) technology and rugged packaging to provide a compact, multifunction test set for testing a wide range of electronics under harsh environmental conditions. The Microsoft Windows operating system-based platform is suited for field-service automation of record keeping, data collection, documentation, testing, and diagnostic execution. EADS North America Test and Services will offer the SI products for avionics, communications, radar, and weapons testing applications.

"The ruggedized synthetic instrument suite is the latest example of our commitment to provide innovative test solutions to our end customers—whether those solutions are home-grown or offered through partnerships with cutting-edge companies such as Palla," said Jim Mulato, president of EADS North America Test and Services.

"We are very please to partner with EADS North America Test and Services for the distribution of our products," said Jack Berlekamp, president of Pallas Systems. "Adding our synthetic instrument technology to their existing product lines and benefiting from their expertise in military and aerospace testing will allow us to rapidly deploy our innovative SI platform."

EADS North America Test and Services anticipates the initial delivery of the Pallas products will occur in the first quarter of 2010.

EADS North America Test and Services, www.eads-nadefense.com. Pallas Systems, www.pallassystems.com.

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