AP audio analyzers perform PESQ measurements

-March 16, 2012

A PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) measurement option for Audio Precision's APx500 series of audio analyzers allows fast, repeatable, and fully automated audio testing of smartphones, Bluetooth devices, VoIP networks, and telecommunications equipment. The software option performs two PESQ measurements: PESQ and PESQ Average.

The PESQ measurement returns overall perceptual quality in MOS (Mean Opinion Score) or PESQ units after playing each voice sample, along with a quality-vs-time display to help pinpoint specific problems, such as clipped words or dropouts. Additional results show average delay, delay vs time, and both the reference and acquired waveforms. The PESQ Average measurement allows you to run a collection of different voice samples, as recommended in ITU-T P.862, and then display the resulting overall score.

Both measurements let you analyze the entire signal or look at only the active speech or silence. When 8-kHz sample-rate voice clips are played, you have the option to choose PESQ Narrowband (ITU-T P.862) or PESQ Wideband (ITU-T P.862.2) analysis.

The PESQ option costs $4500 in the US and requires APx500 software V3.0, which ships in April.

Audio Precision, http://ap.com/kb/show/349

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